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Green Investments Support

Borzen is dedicated to actively pursuing and supporting the ongoing transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society. Committed to fostering a green ethos, we consistently develop initiatives that contribute to advancing sustainable energy solutions, aligning with our vision for a cleaner and healthier future.

The green transition is an opportunity for progress as it raises a range of issues and challenges. The green transition is about reaching climate neutrality, boosting the economy with green technology, creating sustainable industry and transport and thereby reducing pollution. Borzen also pursues and supports the transition to a more sustainable and green society, as it plays an important role in the implementation of the green tranisiton through its activities, among others, through financial mechanisms (grants, co-financing). 

Current calls for grants: 

Due to the increasing social conditions of the population and the uncertain business environment resulting from the impact of high energy prices, Slovenia adopted the Act Regulating Emergency Intervention to Adress High Energy Prices to address high energy prices at the end of 2022, under which Borzen granted subsidies for the purchase of wood pellets in 2023 and paid refunds of contributions due to voluntary reductions in natural gas consumption