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ID and Contacts

Identity Card

Borzen, operater trga z elektriko, d. o. o.



Dunajska cesta 156,
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


+ 386 1 620 7600


+ 386 1 620 7601



Registration number


VAT number

SI 27799468

Entry at Ljubljana District Court


Commercial account number



General Manager

Mojca Kert



Mojca Kert, general manager of Borzen, d.o.o.

Ms. Mojca Kert has been managing Borzen, the Slovenian electricity market operator, since Septmeber 2023. Ms. Kert, a mechanical engineer by education, says she was introduced to the field of energy during her studies. After all these years, she is still profoundly inspired by the industry, to which she has remained loyal throughout her career. She started her professional career at Železarna Ravne, continued her professional path at Energetika Ravne and later successfully managed Petrol Energetika for many years. Prior to joining Borzen, Ms. Kert worked at GEN-I, most recently as the B2B Sales Director. She has always been involved in various roles in professional associations, management boards and supervisory boards. Among her most important career achievements is the award of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements, and she is also proud of her role as a mentor in the mentoring network of the Slovenian Association of Managers, where she is dedicated and inspired to encourage younger colleagues to take on managerial and leadership positions.


Supervisory Board:

  • Mojca Veljkovič,
  • Ivana Nedižavec Korada,
  • Hinko Šolinc



E-mail info@borzen.si
Phone + 386 1 620 76 00

Market operation

E-mail recording@borzen.si
E-mail bilancni.obracun@borzen.si

Centre for res / chp support

E-pošta cp@borzen.si
Telefon +386 1 620 76 55


E-mail remit@borzen.si
Phone +386 1 620 76 38

Public relations

E-pošta pr@borzen.si


E-pošta kadri@borzen.si